Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
31 October 2022

At digitify, our goal is to redefine how the customer views technology; through the lens of true digital transformation that impacts every aspect of a business. We build powerful and innovative digital applications and products for anyone seeking to challenge and disrupt their industries, across FinTech and beyond, whether they are startups or established firms looking to innovate and digitally transform their respective businesses.

We ensure businesses make smart decisions through practical and quick strategies that can change the dynamics of their respective industries. With a primary objective to deliver long-lasting results, reforming our clients’ business is our mission. How do we achieve this? We combine sector expertise, technical prowess, and operational agility in our work and how we develop our solutions through a world-class team of technical experts. We specialise in digital banking, financial services, and a host of other services i.e., mobile and web development, front-end and back-end development, digital compliance, QA automation, consultancy, DevOps, InfoSec, and integrations; where we help businesses by driving up profits and revenue, expedite product launches and help them gain market share across FinTech including, BNPL, Request to Pay, PayTech, Access to Salary and more.

Through our expertise in FinTech, we’re changing traditional businesses, financial institutions, and financial services, building truly digital solutions from scratch.
The digital transformation affecting banking has gone from traditional institutions offering limited online banking services to the vast generation of digital-only banks, (aka Neobanks, online banks, Banking-as-a-Service, virtual banks, challenger banks or digital banks). These allow users to not only carry out essential tasks e.g., paying bills, account deposits, and transfers remotely, but they also provide them with access to other services such as applying for loans, credit cards, wealth management services, and other digital banking products. The advent of Open Banking has created an avalanche of opportunities for tech-savvy companies to address the needs of similarly tech-hungry users; putting (all) the services of a traditional bank in the palm of their hands via mobile applications.

Since 2016, digitify has been establishing strong, direct relationships with the essential partners you would need to launch any financial product or service. We have worked closely with regulatory bodies, like the FCA to guide our clients through the vigorous process of acquiring the correct license for operation e.g. API or EMI.

We then create an ecosystem for each client of the relevant partners they need to deliver their applications, including:

  • Payment gateways
  • Processor integration
  • Card scheme provider
  • Card manufacturers and couriers
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Service (AML)
  • Integrators into banks
  • Mobile payment providers

We combine our vast FinTech experience, the latest in development methods and tech stacks, with our technical expertise in banking technology to help you innovate with energy and urgency.
Our Digital Banking Experience:

  • Digital banking platforms development
  • Cards and payment system development
  • Funds and asset management
  • Trading management platforms
  • Big Data and AI services for Fintech
  • Blockchain (development services)
  • Payment processing application development
  • Online trading and currency exchange platforms
  • Investment management solutions
  • Financial web and mobile apps development
  • Legacy application and infrastructure optimisation
  • Lending platforms development
  • Omni-channel banking solutions

Leading Fintech innovators turn to our veteran FinTech development team to design, develop and deploy comprehensive, customised solutions to attain healthy growth for their business while controlling spending, schedules and risk.