True innovation is essential, if you want to capture new customers and grow your business. That’s why, from the cutting-edge technology stack we use, to the ambitious people we employ, we put innovation first.
At digitify, we build powerful , innovative digital applications and products, for those seeking to challenge and disrupt their industries, across FinTech and beyond, whether they are startups or established firms looking to digitally transform.



Digital transformation is inevitable, regardless of what industry you’re in. The modern way we work and live, dictates that companies must digitally transform, to stay ahead of both employee and customer demands.
We can turn your ideas and plans into a digital reality, helping your business to transform and evolve quickly, to seize new growth opportunities.
digitify empower businesses to harness the cultural, technical and financial benefits associated with digital transformation.


The future of finance is digital, digital, digital. If you’re at the start of that process, or even further along, then you need a partner who combines the latest technology with an intimate knowledge of this complex, highly regulated sector.
Having designed and built YAP, the first independent digital banking platform in the UAE, we can bring that unique mix of skills and insight to you.


Enhance existing offerings or transform with full cloud-based banking platforms.


Standardise, regulate and safeguard everything from customer data to transaction history using blockchain.


Transfer money locally or internationally through advanced and secure payment gateways.

Processor and payment integration

Connect with merchants & third-party vendors through API.

Electronic money issuance

Be part of the next wave of digital finance – from digital wallets to full digital banks.

Machine learning and AI

Data, combined with ML/AI, enables powerful decision-making – using insights to offer bespoke products.


Transformed financial services

If your regulatory and compliance processes feel like they’re being left behind, then talk to us about regulatory technology, or RegTech.
We bring together smart technology and big data to build secure, fast and integrated solutions.
With RegTech, there’s enormous potential for transformation.
With our help, we can make it happen.



Our partnerships

Here's what our customers say about us:

digitify worked closely with us at every step along the way to design, build and launch YAP.
A true partnership and real transformation.


We wanted simplicity to be at the heart of our offering and despite the complexities of our industry, digitify made that happen with an app that has been extremely well received by our customers.


As a technology company ourselves, we were very selective about our payment platform partner.
We made absolutely the right choice.



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