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The Company


At digitify, we build powerful digital applications and products for those seeking to challenge and disrupt their industries, across FinTech and beyond, whether they are start-ups or established firms looking to innovate and digitally transform.


How do we do this?

We combine sector expertise, technical prowess and operational agility in our work and how we development our solutions.  Our renowned Tangerine Team are multi-disciplinary and customer driven, with a primary objective to deliver meaningful long-lasting results with speed and determination; transforming our clients’ business significantly.


Sector focus is essential, hence our specialism in FinTech serves our clients well.  


We have created several FinTech applications, including:

·      the first independent digital banking platform in the UAE called YAP

·      Emirates Development Bank’s new business banking app (B2B)

·      a complete mobile banking and IoT platform for wearable tech provider, Xplora

·      a remittance and international money transfer app called Vowpay


Our FinTech experience includes:

          ·       Digital Banking & Compliance

          ·       Neo/Challenger Banks

         ·       Payment & Remittance

         ·       Wearable Tech

          ·       Mobile Solutions

          ·       IoT

         ·       Embedded Banking


Our USP is our people

Since 2016, we’ve created an outstanding team of the most technically gifted and creative transformation experts. 


By only using the latest development methods & tech stack, we attract the top technical talent in the region, who thrive from using e.g. Micro-services architecture, Agile and Scrum to create impactful applications and digital products.


Our Tangerine Team consists of over 165 engineers, designers, strategists, solution architects and consultants, across DevOps, InfoSec, Frontend and Backend, Quality Assurance, project management & operations.


Our team are driven by a passion and desire to create truly pioneering digital products, work closely with market disruptors, thought-leaders and innovators who wish to change how we do business and manage our wealth.


The Result

We expedite new ideas from concept through design and development, and then deploy applications into our client’s existing infrastructure or into the cloud (AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google), resulting in commercial success. 


A complete, end-to-end process delivering quality across the development lifecycle with tangible results (at the end).


We are helping clients to transform their business and get
ahead by:

·      boosting their profits and RoI

·      expediting their products’ market launch

·      disrupting the industry

·      beating the competition

·      seizing new market share

·      and capturing new clients


Together with our customers, we’re transforming traditional businesses and financial institutions, building truly digital (financial) solutions from scratch.


 Contact us now to find out more – contact@digitify.com