Front-end Development & Back-end Development

Front-end development is often not given the credit it deserves. We however give it an equal priority in our development cycle. At digitify, our clever Tangerine Team of developers and coders collaborate with you intrinsically to bring your ideas to life, deliver your specific feature requirements and enhance your brand. We use clean codes and the latest agile methodology and technology platforms like Angula JS, Angula 2+, REACT and Vue, to build interfaces that result in exceptional user experience, increased sales/growth and competitive advantage.

With many years of experience in building complex, user-centric, innovative, and transformative solutions, across multiple verticals and sectors, we apply a creative approach to our Front-end development, alongside an emphasis on being analytical, adaptive, and user-focused. Our interfaces are designed with the end user in mind, accomplishing your business objectives and delivering astonishing UI/UX, across desktop and mobile devices.

Our Front-end Development expertise covers:

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Web Apps and Portals
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Systems
  • Customised Web Application Development

Back-end Development Services

At digitify, our astute Tangerine Team of Back-end developers have extensive experience in helping clients achieve their business goals, from building customised, robust and scalable on-premise and cloud solutions for web, mobile, desktop, and IoT systems.

We use micro-services architecture and the latest technology stack to deliver your applications, including:

  • Java,
  • Angular JS & Angular 10
  • Spring (Boot, Security, Data, Retry, Transaction, Schedulers)
  • Hystrix Circuit Breaker
  • Liquibase
  • Apache Active MQ
  • MySQL database

In contrast to monoliths, microservices-based architectures allow you to upgrade parts of the platform independently with no downtime, and easily move away from restrictive legacy technologies and dependencies.

  • Mobile App Back-end Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure / Migration / Solutions
  • Web Application Back-End Development.
  • Custom API Development and Integration
  • Technical Audit and Refactoring Backend
  • IoT Back-end Integration