digitify Cybersecurity

Security Assessment Services

We can perform comprehensive exercises (Enterprise risk and Vulnerability assessments, Web & Mobile application and Network Infrastructure penetration testing, Breach and compromise assessments) that will test your organization’s security posture and its preparedness for a potential cyber-attack to reduce risk, minimize breach impact and protect your business against future attacks, both from internal and external vectors.

Web App Pen testing

Our penetration testers will carefully analyze all aspects of your web app and APIs to uncover security flaws and highlight security vulnerabilities. Digitify’s testing methodology complies with industry testing standards such as PTES and OWASP OSSTMM to ensure maximum CVE and logical bug discovery.

Infrastructure Pen testing

We use this testing to investigate your network to identify and showcase any vulnerability across your computer systems, network devices, or IP address ranges, such as (business-critical) assets that can be compromised, categories the risks posed to your cyber security, prioritize vulnerabilities to be addressed and recommend solutions to mitigate those risks highlighted.

Mobile app Pen testing

Mobile technology is desirable to hackers due to the sheer volume of personal consumer data that is passed through on an hourly basis, which is why our penetration testers follow a rigorous methodology to determine the overall security posture and resilience of your mobile application, to help you understand the risks of your app with minimal disturbance to your users and business.


DevSecOps (Secure SDLC & DevOps)

Application security

An essential part of perimeter defense protection, our Cybersecurity team looks for software vulnerabilities in mobile applications and APIs that could cause a data breach by testing, detecting, isolating, and correcting any vulnerabilities in existing or new application development to fix them before the applications are released, or vulnerabilities are exploited.

Cloud infrastructure hardening

Whenever a component of your infrastructure breaks down or becomes insecure, dependent components can also be affected. We aim to minimize dependencies and isolate components without compromising the information flow between all the components, such as data centers hosting, networks, servers, client devices, and mobile devices.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) Service

Digitify provides SOC services that include Security Analytics, Intrusion Detection via log and telemetry analysis, File Integrity Monitoring, Incident Response, Regulatory Compliance, next-generation EDR-based protection, Logging & monitoring through SIEM platforms, Detection engineering, Custom use-case building, and alerting/reporting along with continuous monitoring & protection from seasoned security experts and a significant increase in your security visibility.
In the digital age, cyber threats have become more sophisticated and frequent, but digitify has a dedicated Cybersecurity (SecOps) team whose entire focus is on the monitor and analyzing security threats, identifying vulnerabilities, and responding to incidents quickly to minimize damage.