Quality Assurance

The need to eliminate the risk from minor bugs to major security vulnerabilities is undeniable, so Quality Assurance (QA) is a critical component of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Our Tangerine Team of QA engineers rigorously tests every piece of application code before it reaches the end user and is generally released onto the market. Digitify uses QA automated testing to speed up workflows and increase the quality assurance process’s efficiency, saving our customers’ time and money. 
Our Automated QA testing relies on specialized tools to execute test cases and generate results, whereas manual testers follow a written test plan and report the defects to developers. On the other hand, Manual testing is ideal for evaluating the user experience (UX), the look and feel of an application, and the interface, which a human best does.

Why should you consider digitify QA Automation?

Our automated QA services benefit those that practice continuous integration (CI) and delivery, where software is developed, tested and deployed multiple times per day rather than in stages, as is common in more traditional development models.