Digital Banking

“The number of Neobank users will grow from 210m in 2022 to 351m in 2026, while the transaction value in this segment is projected to reach US$4.02tn in 2022.” (Source: Statista)
The advent of open banking is highly advantageous, which fosters competition and innovation in the financial industry. By allowing third-party providers to access financial data, banks are incentivized to improve their services and offer more competitive rates and products to retain customers.
Digitify is working in the FinTech industry with vast experience, the latest development methods, and tech stacks to increase competition and spur digital transformation.

Our Digital Banking Experience is based on the following:

You can count on us because the Leading Fintech innovators turn to our veteran development team to design, develop and deploy the comprehensive, customized solution to attain healthy growth for their business while controlling spending, schedules, and risk.
Payment Gateways
Processor Integration
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Anti-Money Laundering Service (AML)
Integrators Into Banks
Mobile Payment Providers
We are revolutionizing banking with open digital solutions for a connected financial world by putting customers first, always. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations.