Digital Compliance

The adherence of individuals, organizations, and businesses to laws, regulations, and industry standards related to digital activities, including data privacy, security, accessibility, and online advertising, is inevitable. Consumers expect companies to be responsible and trustworthy when handling their personal data. This is why digitify is providing Digital compliance services that demonstrate that a company takes data privacy and security seriously, which can enhance its brand reputation and build customer trust.

Different types of RegTech to help you:

Client Onboarding & Identification

To help financial companies gather and process information on new and existing customers. i.e., Know Your Customer (KYC), Identity Management and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Transaction Monitoring

Scrutinizing ongoing transactions to identify any signs of a suspicious activity or breach of any regulations.

Operational Risk Management

This aims to highlight any gaps in business processes and avoid possible regulatory pitfalls.

Regulatory Reporting

This is where technology and apps are used to collect, analyze, process, and send internal data to the relevant authorities.

Audit and Inspection

RegTech solutions focused on audit and inspection use technology to automate and streamline the process of conducting audits and inspections.

Data protection

To ensure you are compliant with the likes of GDPR in the protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), apps can be used to secure your data and deter cyber-attacks.
Working with a FinTech and RegTech specialist like digitify can really add value because, unfortunately, there is no single digital application or tool that can fulfill all your compliance needs, and we already have direct relationships with the network of partners you need.