Technical Audit and Assessment

Often a prerequisite to many application development projects, digitify takes a closer look at your existing platforms, infrastructure, systems, and processes to establish a genuinely accurate picture and starting point before moving ahead.
With our technical auditing and assessment service (TAA), digitify work closely with you to check all the necessary components to ensure that (local and international) standards of quality and safety are consistently maintained across all aspect of the project, from the design phase right through to the deployment of any application.
The result of our audit will reveal potential inefficiencies, obstacles, areas of weakness, and risk, presenting a clear opportunity for you to address these issues well before any code is designed and written.

The following steps are included in our audit and assessment service:

Our TAA service revolves around the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), evaluating your existing capabilities such as:

Development methodologies (Mono vs Micro)

Technical stack

Documentation and information capture

Project management

Procedures and processes

Tools (across Front-end, Back-end)

Deployment platforms

Quality Assurance and more

At digitify, we believe in implementing best practices across the development lifecycle to maximize resources and investment, improve productivity, minimize risk, and expedite the project to completion.